Collin County Aggie Moms
All Board/Committee
Position Descriptions



  • presides at monthly board meetings and monthly general meetings
  • coordinates with VP’s to support VP’s and committees with what they need
  • attends and represents club at Federation Meetings, three times a year
  • prepare president elect for their presidency year
  • becomes the President-at-Large and assists the next year's president
  • appoints Parliamentarian and other special committees as necessary
  • Parliamentarian: advises Board on parliamentary procedures using Roberts Rules of Order


  • assists the President in all things and prepares for the next year as president
  • presides in the absence of the President
  • begins planning in the spring for their presidency year
  • attend Federation Meetings with president, three times a year
  • nominates a Howdy Party Committee to begin planning for summer Howdy Party and New Moms Welcome Event

Vice President-At-Large (last year’s President)

  • shall function in an advisory capacity and fill Board vacancies as needed

Secretary:  keeps official Minutes of all meetings (General and Board)


  • receives, holds, and disburses all monies
  • collect all monies for deposit after each event
  • keeps all records of paid receipts, Deposit Requests, and Check Requests
  • files all tax forms (sales tax and IRS-Form 990)
  • reports financial statement at each monthly board meeting and general meeting
  • Treasurer’s Assistant is recommended


  • keeps digital and hard copy records of the Club and its activities
  • takes pictures and provide select photos for communications to use in all forms of communication
  • provides annual documentation of club events to Texas A&M University using Federation guidelines for Archives at Cushing Library


  • advise the organization with regard to questions on parliamentary procedures following Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised when they are not in conflict with the Collin County A&M Mothers’ Club By Laws
  • review Bylaws each year and ensure they are not in conflict with 501(c)3 guidelines
  • serve as the resource person for drafting and amending of club bylaws and making recommendations for suggested bylaws modifications

Scholarships Committee is a Standing Committee under the President.  The board votes on the number of scholarships given in any given year based on the amount of money from all fundraising efforts.  This money is then dividend in half, with half the scholarships going to new students (freshmen and transfers) and the other half to returning A&M students.  The application is provided to all area high schools and on all club communication sites. Applications are submitted electronically, scored, and awarded by the scholarship committee.  Scholarships are open to all students residing in Collin County. Recipients are recognized at our May general meeting. Duties include:

  • creates, sends, and markets applications to all local high schools and all club communication outlets
  • establishes selection process and organizes selection committee
  • notifies recipients and university of scholarship winners
  • works with Programs for the May General meeting with recognition of all scholarship winners
  • completes Scholarship Donation form to be sent to Federation by May 31
  • provides information of all recipients to Texas A&M Office of Financial Aide

1st VP Membership

  • responsible for maintaining membership – organizing, record keeping and reaching out for membership purposes
  • coordinates with Committee Chairs of Membership Team for support and report updates to President

Membership Team includes:Membership Assistant: assists Membership VP and recruits new members

    • Name Badges: orders and distributes magnetic nametags ordered by members
    • Goodie Bags: goodie bags are distributed twice a year, just before the fall and spring finals; delivery/pick-up is at the MSC; a one-day trip to take and deliver with volunteer moms; this is a great opportunity to meet fellow moms
    • Aggie Angels: a mentorship program to help new moms meet other members, get involved in our club, and have someone to help them navigate all things Aggie; very beneficial for moms with their first college student and those who may not be familiar with Aggieland, a unique place
    • Graduate Recognition: gather graduate biographies and recognize graduates of our members in the January, May, and September General Meetings and in Newsletters
    • Ring of Honor: Moms who no longer have students in school, plans ROH activities to help support friendships and to support the club

2nd VP Projects

  • responsible for oversight of all fund-raising projects and coordinating efforts of these activities
  • coordinates with Committee Chairs of Projects Team for support and provide updates to the President

Project Team includes:

    • Boutique: selecting items, selling, maintaining Boutique inventory, online store (if used) and attend Parents Weekend for Aggie Mom Boutique; items should be tailored to unique Aggie gear
    • Ornaments: organizes club members to make our home made ornaments, to include online sales and at meetings; these are cross-stitched personalized ornaments that we have been selling for years
    • Pecans: advertise and collect orders, place order from vendor, pick up pecans from vendor, coordinate bagging and distribution day before Thanksgiving; this is our largest fundraiser
    • Poinsettias: advertise and collect orders, place order from vendor, arrange for delivery from vendor, coordinate distribution day late November/early December; Aggie grown
    • Spring Fundraiser: coordinating our Spring Fundraiser (in the past has been Golf Tournament, dinner & auction, chili cookoff, etc)
    • Raffle: solicit and organize items for our raffles (up to 4 per year) with the biggest package for raffle during Parents Weekend for Aggie Moms Boutique. Marketing the raffles and selling tickets.
    • Rewards: keep members up to date on all passive reward programs; ex: North Texas Giving Day, dining out for profits on receipts, etc.
    • Sponsorships:  solicit monetary donations or goods in-exchange for sponsorship of events or programs. 

3rd VP Socials/Hospitality

  • secure refreshments for general meetings, and special events such as Howdy Party, New Moms Welcome, and other hostess duties.

Socials Team includes:

    • Socials Assistant: assist Socials VP with set-up and volunteers
    • Aggie Moms Connecting: organizes small-group activities of a social/fun nature to promote friendships
    • Big Event: organizes community service project in March to benefit our local Collin County community, in accordance with the original intent of The Big Event

4th VP Programs

  • secure speakers/organizes program of activities secures speakers and organizes program of activites for general meetings
  • act as hostess to guest speaker
  • responsible for distributing Program publicity to other committees

Programs Team includes:

    • Meeting A/V (Technology): creates PowerPoint slides for meetings and runs the audio/visual during general meetings and special events
    • Federation Rep: local club’s liaison to the Federation of Aggie Mothers Clubs

5th VP Communications

  • responsible for maintaining cohesive message from the Executive Board, through all communication media
  • work closely with the President on communication frequency, relevancy, and current

Communications Team includes:

    • Webmaster: maintains our website ensuring it remains relevant and current, bi-weekly update to keep it looking fresh
    • Newsletter: publishes monthly newsletter, member update & special edition emails, via Membership Software
    • Social Media: (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) someone with daily contact on social media to post about all committee actions and maintain cohesive messaging from Board