Student Organization Donations

Each year in late spring, money from our fundraisers is set aside for student organization donations. Based on the amount raised during the year and excluding money for scholarships and permanent endowments, the remaining funds are allocated to student organizations based on votes from active CCAM members. 


Each member has a voice in deciding where the student organization funds get appropriated. EVERY paid Full Active Member is allowed 3 votes for student organizations. We take the total number of votes (# of members who voted times 3) and divide by total donation to student organizations (changes yearly) to determine the amount donated per vote.

Must be a CCAM Member to vote. JOIN TODAY!

Donation Results


$35,500 donated to

Texas A&M University


 While we had many successes this year, we also had adversity. Our Board Members dealt with illnesses/disease/breast cancer, caring for parents, parent illness, familial death, divorce, job loss/changes, moving homes, burnout, and other challenges. We started with a nearly full Board of Directors and ended with a few dropping out. We also had a few board members take on multiple roles. All-in-all, the year encompassed the “Better Together” theme as it took an entire team of volunteers to keep the CCAM events and programs fun and engaging for our membership! Plus, we achieved our financial goals and mission of awarding $13,500.00 in scholarships, paid $5,000.00 towards funding our 3rd Endowment Scholarship, and pledged to send $17,000.00 in funds to a list of Texas A&M student organizations as voted on by our members. It has been with your help as members, volunteers, donors, friends, and leaders that we have had a full schedule of successful events and programs. THANK YOU for your time and patronage! Congratulations to all!

Laura White, President 2023-2024

Mom to Damion '13, Dexter '23, and Darwin '25


$37,000 donated

to Texas A&M University


We have wrapped up another successful year at Collin County Aggie Moms. We have met new moms and strengthened existing friendships while serving the students of Texas A&M, our local community, and other Aggie Moms.

Our fundraisers provided $37,000 for us to give back to Aggie students. We donated $18,000 to student organizations that our members have voted on, and we awarded $19,000 in scholarships.



Becky Bird ‘89
CCAM President 2022-2023
Mom of Kristin ’18, Braden ’19, and Maddie ‘25